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    BitWeise International is committed to invest in the
    development of blockchain technology and market.
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    Blockchain technology has become the foundation
    of Fintech for decades to come. BitWeise is your most
    indicative investment partner in Asia.
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    We provide the most basic technical support    
    and are committed to R&D and innovation    

BitWeise the most trusted
Cryptocurrency and ICO invest platform.

BitWeise is the bridge to this new era. As Blockchain and cryptocurrency are disrupting investment and fundraising behaviors.

BitWeise understands the industry standards and has the resources to advice and accelerate fundraising through token sale. We assists through the whole ICO process from whitepaper and token model consultation to marketing campaign and crowdfunding establishment.

ICO Investment bring high returns, but come with high risk. According to statistics from 2017, there were 531 faced failures in total 902 ICO projects, accounting for 59% failure rates.

BitWeise International holdings Ltd., is focusing on the development of application of blockchain technology and the investment in cryptocurrency business. We help investors to receive stable profit with long-term development through the risk balancing framework by facilitating three key fields org-center.

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

BitWeise Blockchain R&D lab focus on creating and researching the way to innovate society and life through fintech technology. We believe fintech will becomeh powerful force in next generation.

ICO, Crowdfunding, Fund Raising & More ...

BitWeise organization comes from the new financial technology and traditional financial investment team. We are committed to breaking the predicament in society through the cryptocurrency of the new financial environment.

At the same time, assisting more entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs with specialty knowledge and investment to gain more opportunities in the international market.

Process to get our funding !

Investment Apply

Submit your fund needs to BitWeise by online application form or contect mail: with your WhitePaper or Business Plan.

BitWeise Consultancy

BitWeise support your company to findout the best solution to Tokenize or ICO for geting the best plan to growup company value.

Investment appraisal

Faced with the ups and downs in the startup stage of startup companies. We feel sympathetic and accompanied, to help the founding team to start from scratch.

To Be Globalization

We are the partners of the growth companies that explore the development path of the new financial markets and help them become international industry winners.

Sponsoring Events

BitWeise provides sponsorship for ICO activities in the Asia Pacific region and expects to increase the development and market visibility of new financial services.

Discover what’s possible when a community creates together.

BitWeise attaches great importance to community and capital cooperation, also we look forward to finding more partners with common ideas to create a better world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

About BitWeise Chain

In order to allow more people to understand the development and change of new finance, BitWeise organization also shares targeted knowledge to promote global growth.